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Top Five WELLness Tips

A question I get regularly in my inbox is "what can I do on my own to improve my health & wellness." I could probably list at least ten tips I find extremely helpful but I'll keep this short and sweet to hold your attention

  1. Get outside - Sunshine & fresh air are the Earth's best kept WELLness support secrets. Having a bad day, go for a walk and notice what happens then let's try to chat about how that sunshine and fresh air "aren't" important for your health. I'll raise you one higher, take your shoes off. Let your skin touch the earth and do some grounding as well. You're going to instantly reset your body.

  2. Sit up straight- In an age of screens it is even more important to be extremely aware of your posture. A decreased cervical curve is a big issue I see in our current population and it's causing a whole slew of issues.

  3. Eat your vegetables- Fiber is good for you, it keeps your body regular and many unexplained issues can be traced back to the gastrointestinal system. Plus vegetables are truly packed with lots of good nutrients. Its so much better to EAT what you need and not supplement if you don't have to.

  4. Get a good sleep routine- Stop staring at your screens up until you turn the lights out. Put them down well before you go to bed. Don't keep them in your bedroom and see how quickly your sleep issues turn around. It is very important to get rest, that is our body's way of healing from each day's events.

  5. Get REGULAR chiropractic care - Find a chiropractor that believes your spine is connected to everything because IT IS! When you are adjusted regularly you are giving your nervous system the best care you can and you are keeping your entire body functioning as optimally as possible.

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Best in health,

Dr. Brooke Herbert, D.C.

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1 Comment

Grounding is so underrated. These are perfect tips!

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