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DIY Family Circus Costume

Ring Leader:

Red jacket, white tank, black leggings.

I hot glued gold ribbon on the sleeves of my jacket and found a free Cricut tutorial for a top hat headband. I added a little flair with feathers and ribbon.

Fire breather:

All black outfit

We used cardboard and cut a fire pattern out twice, spray painted it yellow and added orange with acrylic paint. Then super glued a wooden dowel in between the two pieces of cardboard.


Tan PJs

I bought a children’s lion set with a headband and tail. I used faux fur and sticky Velcro pieces to make the wrist and anklets.

Strong man:

White tank and pj shorts

I used red sharpie to color red stripes along the tank. Add a mustache & blow up heavy weights for the full effect.


Polka dot PJs

I used another free cricut tutorial to make the party hat, then used my mini sized Pom Pom maker to create the poms that line the hat. I then used elastic snd tulle to create the neck line.

Ring of fire:

I cut out fabric in red, orange and yellow. Wrapped them around a hula hoop and glued with hot glue.

Circus wagon:

I used the free banner cut outs on my cricut and made red & white flags then strung them along the top of our wagon.

I also cut out the word CIRCUS with yellow card-stock and glued it on a red card-stock background. I used duck tap to adhere the sign to our wagon.

TA-DA!!! 🎪

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