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Check out everything from my favorite homeschool supplies to houseplant care and more on the Amazon storefront.

I've been using this brand for a few months now and trying new products from them regulalrly. We haven't found anything we don't like yet! Some of my favorites right now are their laundry detergent, goodnight lotion and gut health oil. New customers use the code NEWTOEARTHLEY and existing customers who haven't shopped in 2+ months use code COMEBACK for a discount at checkout.

We don't use oils much in our home but on the occasion this is a new brand I've been enjoying. They are not an MLM and sell 100% pure ingredient essential oils direct to consumer. Their prices also cannot be beat!

All of these are affiliate links which means I make a small commission from each sale. I appreciate the support! Check back again, I'll be adding more to this list soon including some amazing supplement companies.

Best in Health,

Dr. Brooke

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