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The Chiro Mama + Binxy Baby

If you know me personally you probably know I have major anxiety taking Liam with me running errands. It all stems from one awful grocery store trip when he was two months old. I also think he hates riding in the car and going in and out of places. When I found the Binxy Baby hammock I had a feeling it would change our lives. I was so excited to try it out; I used it as an excuse to run to Target of course. When we put Liam in the hammock instead of screaming and crying he sat quietly looking around and playing with his toys. I was so relieved we could roam the aisles peacefully without rushing around grabbing what we needed before he started crying. He loves every minute in the hammock! It is so easy to store in the back seat of my car and hook into the cart when out and about. Another bonus of using the hammock is it gives you extra room in your shopping cart for other items!

I love this product so much I think I’ll be gifting all my friends with a hammock at their future baby showers. So if you invite me to your shower, spoiler alert, you’re getting a Binxy Baby hammock.

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