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Baby Baptism + Basic Invite

As some of you know my son’s baptism is quickly approaching. I am beyond excited to share my faith with him and cannot wait to raise him in such a tight-knight community surrounded by God & love! However, The one thing I am slightly sad about is that most of our family lives far away. That makes it hard for them to be at such important events. Since I knew they were probably unable to attend I wanted to still make them feel involved. One way I do that is sending out invitations. I know you're probably saying, what a waste if they aren’t even going to attend. In my mind, I think it’s more of a keepsake for them to hold on to and remember the special days Liam has in his life. I think baptism is truly another birth and I want to continue to celebrate that day for years to come. Since I knew these invites would become more of a keepsake to many of our family, I wanted them to be unique and special. 

Basic Invite allowed me to do that! I was able to pick a template I liked and customize the colors exactly how I wanted them. They practically have unlimited colors to choose from for your invites and over 40 different colored envelopes if you want to get really creative.  Also, if you’re into flashy cards you can even add foil for a bit of sparkle in gold, silver and rose gold. 

Lastly, how annoying is it these days finding everyone’s addresses? I personally dread sending out mass emails or texts and then waiting forever to get your loved ones addresses. Basic Invite has an address capturing service you can use as well. You can sit back and relax while they do all the work! 

Now I know you may not have a baptism to plan like myself but graduation for many, is slowly approaching! They have some gorgeous graduation announcements, invitations and thank you cards. Head on over the their site and if you find some templates you love play around with the colors and foil options to make it your own. I’m offering a 15% off code as well. When you’re ready to checkout make sure to add 15FF51 to your order for that discount. 

I chose the Diamond Botanic Boy Baptism Invitation 

I have added a few more gorgeous options below but if you want to truly see how many options they offer head to their site here

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